What Will Be Your Orioles Postseason Anthem?

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Baltimore-Orioles-Bird-MascotThe Orioles are swinging for the fences this October, so obviously we need a song to sing as we make our way to the World Series. Here are a few options:

Thanks to Charm City Wire for pointing us toward this O’s fan’s parody of Lorde’s “Royals,” the perfect song with which to announce the Orioles superiority over that team from Kansas City. We agree with CCW — the song has both heart and “extremely awkward and dorky delivery.” Which is exactly what makes it charming.

I remember making fun of “Bad Birds” back in 2012 when it was released, the last time both the Orioles and Ravens were winning games in October. But it’s two years later, and I still find myself humming this in random moments. What can I say, it’s both annoying and very catchy. Consider yourself forewarned.

“Orioles Magic (Hear It Happen)” is from 1980, and everything from the pounding piano to the ecstatic background singers to the zippy synths makes that very clear.

Readers: Which one will you be singing this week? Or do you have another contender in mind?

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