Wind Restrictions Give Md. Woman Opening to Escape Kidnapping on Bay Bridge Tunnel

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bridgetunnMembers of a road crew were just following orders when they went to remove two surfboards from a pickup truck looking to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on Sunday. The bit of protocol prompted by wind restrictions on the Bridge ended up helping a woman escape from a kidnapping.

As the crew was removing the surfboards, a woman in the passenger seat of the truck jumped into the driver’s seat and sped toward a police car. The man who was initially the driver’s seat, identified as Phillip Timmons, jumped onto the bed of the pickup truck and tried to get back into the cab.

But he was unsuccessful. The woman was able to find a police officer, and said she was being kidnapped. According to the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, the woman was Timmons’ girlfriend. Earlier that day, Timmons broke into the woman’s house in Powellville and kidnapped her, police said.  911 received a call from the woman, but had been unable to locate her until she turned up at the Bridge Tunnel.

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  1. The story says Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel but the photo shows the Bay bridge. Two very different structures.

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