Wing Dam’s May 25 show will be the band’s last

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With drummer Abe Sanders headed to Seattle for a new job, the local indie rock group Wing Dam announced on social media that the May 25 show at the Windup Space will be its last.

The band teased that singer/bassist Sara Autrey, who we last saw opening a new vintage shop in Charles Village, and guitarist/vocalist Austin Tally may start anew. But ending the band is, of course, “heavy.”

“Come out and party with us, cry with us, rage with us!” the post said. “[A]s for the future: we don’t know what it brings. Being Wing Dam without Baby ‘Bram just doesn’t seem feasible — but we’re not done making music, not by a long shot.”

In their five or so years as a band, Wing Dam has woven in “a Clinton-era rock checklist” of influences into their unique guitar pop (per City Paper) and come out sounding like “they’re having a proper mud wrestling match in gator-infested muddy waters with an orchestral choir in the background” (or so says Metro UK).

It’s more toward the former, really, and one thing worth adding to that is Wing Dam always seemed like they were having fun and not taking themselves too seriously along the way. That’s how it should be.

Grace Vonderkuhn and Infinity Knives + Randi will join the bill for the band’s last show.


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