At St. Timothy’s School, the world becomes the classroom during Winterim, the two weeks just after winter term and just before spring break. St. Timothy’s is a private boarding and day school for girls in grades 9 through twelve, located in Stevenson, Maryland. During Winterim, students immerse themselves in experiential learning, which could take place around a campsite, at the U.S. Capitol, at NASA, or the United Nations. Each Winterim revolves around a theme, while exploring and exercising concepts such as leadership skills, scientific and technical innovation, and cultural and global awareness.

St. Timothy’s Head of School Randy Stevens notes experiential learning is so critical because students aren’t learning about history, the sciences or foreign policy from a textbook, they’re seeing it in action firsthand. “Our students get exposure to world leaders, policymakers, and scientists who many don’t have the opportunity to be exposed to until the college years,” he says. “It truly makes for an incredible learning experience.”

Emily Parks

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