“Wire” Actor Invests in Baltimore

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You may remember Wendell Pierce from his memorable turn as Bunk Moreland, The Wire‘s gruff homicide detective with a strong moral sense and a weakness for whiskey.

Pierce, who also appears in Treme, Waiting to Exhale, and at least one Twilight movie; he’ll also play the starring role in the upcoming Clarence Thomas biopic. But he may soon be better known around Baltimore as a developer. That’s because, as he announced last week, Pierce is spending $20 million to build a new apartment building in Station North, with the aim of providing housing for artists at a reduced rate, a la the City Arts building.

Pierce also said that he plans to try to hire locally when it comes to putting together the construction team for the project, and that he hopes to leverage this into a larger jobs program for Baltimore residents. That’s big talk–but Pierce, who describes himself as a “true capitalist,” has both the business and philanthropic bona fides to back it up. Plus, how cool would it be to have Bunk as your landlord?

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