With New Speed Cameras Come New Errors; City Suspends Program

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speed camera

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake set a goal for the $2.2 million revamp of Baltimore’s speed camera program: a “zero error” system. We should have known that was too much to hope for, but the errors that one of the new cameras is committing is almost too bush-league to be believed. It’s calculating infractions based on the wrong speed limit.

After learning of a camera on The Alameda that was spitting out tickets based on a 25 mph limit in a 30 mph zone, the city has decided to temporarily suspend the speed camera program while… everyone involved has a good long cry, I assume.

At this point, the speed camera program’s story is just so straight-up pathetic — from the bogus tickets, to the bungled transition between operators, to the illegal “bounty” system — that I feel sorry for anyone who has had anything to do with it.

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