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New Speed Cameras on I-695 Were Just Activated


speed cameraThe city’s speed camera was famously maligned, with the remnants of the program still hanging around. But to all those who wonder if they can sneak by a speed camera on the Inner Loop of the Baltimore Beltway: Yes, they’re working.

Maryland Drivers, You Are Being Exploited



It’s not just that we have bad drivers here in Maryland (though that’s true). It’s also the sixth most exploitative state for motorists, according to a new study by the National Motorists Association.

The Silver Lining to Baltimore’s Speed Camera Fiasco



I don’t mean to be dramatic, but “fiasco” does seem to be the right word for what happened with Baltimore’s speed cameras. They were meant to be an easy way for the city to regulate drivers (and earn a little extra money via fees), but instead they were often very wrong and very expensive. But there actually might be a silver lining to all this.

With New Speed Cameras Come New Errors; City Suspends Program


speed camera

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake set a goal for the $2.2 million revamp of Baltimore’s speed camera program: a “zero error” system. We should have known that was too much to hope for, but the errors that one of the new cameras is committing is almost too bush-league to be believed. It’s calculating infractions based on the wrong speed limit.

State Senate Considers Bill to Make Speed Cameras Less Illegal



Despite it likely being an illegal arrangement, Maryland’s state and local governments have been paying speed camera operators by volume of citations.  The state Senate could change that this week as they consider a bill that would even more expressly prohibit the practice. The bill would also require that the tickets be accompanied by enough information for drivers to “fact-check their citations.”

Here’s the Thing About Baltimore’s Brand New Speed Cameras



So, back in November, the Baltimore Sun exposed the numerous erroneous tickets that the city’s speed cameras were regularly issuing (including one ticket issued to a motionless car). Soon Baltimoreans of every class and creed were publicly denouncing them, and the city promised to replace the cameras with a new “zero-error” system.