General Assembly to Get In on All This Speed-Camera Hate in 2013

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Opening of the State of Maryland legislature Annapolis, Md

First we were just annoyed that they existed. Some were so outraged, they vandalized them. We questioned the mayor’s assertion that they were to create safer streets and not simply to generate revenue. Then the Sun discovered that many of the cameras were inaccurate and issued false speeding tickets — including one to a motionless car! Then the city council demanded some answers from the Department of Transportation. And now the General Assembly will have their turn to publicly hate the speed camera situation.

In their upcoming 2013 session, Maryland legislators will take a look at the 2009 state law that enabled the installation of speed cameras in school zones and consider changes to ensure fewer errors in the program. Like a sizable fine for erroneous tickets, for example.

And maybe Baltimore, Baltimore County, and Howard County will have to stop paying their speed camera companies per ticket issued, something that Gov. Martin O’Malley says is illegal (not to mention stupid).






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