Interior design image of b.well Connected Health's Baltimore headquarters. (Courtesy photo by Jeffrey Sauers Photography/CPI Productions)

Having outgrown its home offices, Baltimore-based health tech company b.well Connected Health announced this week that it found 8,000 square ft. in the emerging Stadium Square development for its first corporate headquarters since the COVID-19 pandemic.

An announcement this week alternately located the space in downtown Baltimore and Federal Hill. Depending on who you ask, the offices at 145 W. Ostend St. are part Federal Hill, the historically Black Sharp-Leadenhall community (it’s a short walk from the Leadenhall Baptist Church, home to one of the city’s oldest Black Baptist congregations) or a seemingly ambiguous non-neighborhood between Fed Hill and M&T Bank Stadium. Regardless of where you place it, it’s part of an area increasingly characterized by new development, as well as popular businesses like Checkerspot Brewing Company.

Founded in 2015 by Kristen Valdes, b.well aims to help consumers take control of their health through its innovative Connected Health platform. In reflection of this priority, Valdes partnered with The Verve Partnership — an interior architecture and data-driven design firm with offices in the Woodberry neighborhood and Allentown, Pennsylvania — to create a contemporary office environment that prioritizes user experience.

“The success of any project depends on the team,” said Kelly Ennis, founder and managing principal of The Verve Partnership, in a statement. “This means building a team early on that is engaged and motivated to achieve the client’s goals as if they were their own.”

Ennis’ comments highlight the importance of collaboration and dedication to success in development projects — values that are at the core of both The Verve Partnership and b.well Connected Health’s missions