With the Referendum a Week Away, Dept. of Legislative Services Has Yet to Release Data on Gambling

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When Del. Susan Krebs asked back in June for copies of all the data used by legislative analysts to argue in favor of a new casino in Prince George’s County, she was told “there wasn’t really anything.” That’s about $61,730 of nothing, as that was the final amount charged by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the consulting firm hired by the Department of Legislative Services to research the issue.

Later she was told “there are boxes of stuff.” But so far, Krebs and her fellow Republicans have yet to receive anything coherent — just the bill and “some correspondence explaining the working relationship between the consultants and the Legislative Services staff,” according to Len Lazarick at Maryland Reporter. What gives?

Ideology plays a large role in political decisions, but often facts are more important. If I’m supposed to decide whether the benefits from expanding gambling in Maryland are worth the costs, don’t I need accurate numbers? Do I really have nothing besides my gut to go on, here? my gut says, “No information: no deal.”

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