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Sen. Jill Carter pushes to eliminate jail time for petty gambling in Maryland

Photo by Wes Dickinson, via Flickr

A reminder: Just because you can roll dice at a half-dozen Maryland casinos doesn’t mean you can’t be arrested and jailed for doing it at an underground gambling spot or on your own turf.

But this legislative session, Baltimore State Sen. Jill Carter and Montgomery County Del. David Moon hope to change that by removing incarceration from the equation for punishing street gambling.

Poll: Marylanders are lukewarm on legalized sports gambling

A sportsbook in Las Vegas. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

A U.S. Supreme Court decision last month paved the way for states across the country to legalize sports betting, but Marylanders still seem unsure about bringing that kind of wagering to the state’s casinos, according to a new poll released by Gonzales Research and Media Services.

As Md. casino revenue sets new monthly record, Horseshoe’s numbers again slide

Photo by Jamie Adams, via Wikimedia Commons

While Maryland’s six casinos brought in more than $150 million in March, a record for monthly revenue, Baltimore’s sole casino watched its proceeds slide once again.

    Last Year’s Revenue Bleed Slows for Horseshoe Casino in January


    Horseshoe Casino

    The year-long revenue bleed for the Baltimore area’s two casinos slowed in January, ending months of drastic declines in revenue brought on by competition from the glitzy new MGM casino outside Washington D.C.

    Ex-Baltimore Principal to Serve 90 Days in Prison for Stealing Nearly $59K from City Schools

    Baltimore City Public Schools headquarters on North Avenue. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

    A former principal of the now-defunct Baltimore Community High School will serve three months in jail and must repay exactly $58,689.34 for using public funds to gamble and buy dozens of Apple devices and other electronics as gifts for others.

    Horseshoe’s Revenue Falls for Eighth Straight Month Year-Over-Year


    Horseshoe Casino

    Since the opening of MGM National Harbor late last year, the money just hasn’t been flowing like it used to at Horseshoe Casino in South Baltimore.

    MGM Grabbing Larger Share of State Casino Revenues as Horseshoe, Live! Continue to Falter

    Photo by Jamie Adams, via Wikimedia Commons

    Some good news for Maryland’s legal gambling industry: Revenues are up from 2016. Some bad news for the Baltimore area’s two gambling spots: Revenues are sinking every month from 2016.

    December Figures Show MGM National Harbor is Going to Make a Lot of Money

    The front of MGM National Harbor.

    Maryland’s shiny new $1.4 billion casino in Prince George’s County is attracting a ton of gamblers or some people with really deep pockets, or possibly both.

    Marylanders Love Gambling



    For the second month in a row, Maryland’s five casinos generated record revenues in May.

    Slot Machines at BWI?



    The last time I was in the Las Vegas airport, I lost $2 on a slot machine. It was not a particularly thrilling experience. If all goes according to one legislator’s plan, soon travelers passing through BWI may have the option to lose a similar (or even larger!) amount of money.

    Baltimore Casino Has a $1 Million Slot Machine



    Slot machines are the worst kind of gambling. They draw you in with their flashing lights and goofy themes, but require nothing more of you than your ability to sit on a stool and spend increasing amounts of money. There’s none of the mathematics, bluffing, or complex decision-making required by actual card games. So the idea of a slot machine that costs $500 to play once is, frankly, a little horrifying to me.

    Maryland Casinos Generate $65M in December



    If you’re finding it difficult to make the rent, consider installing a slot machine in front of your apartment; in Maryland they’re generating more than $100 of revenue per day. That’s according to a press release from the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency.

    Of course, if you’ve got the time to run a table game — say, on your front porch — they’re much more profitable, generating anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a day.

    How Long Is Too Long to Leave a 4-Year-Old Alone in a Car?



    If you said “any length of time,” pat yourself on the back. But if you answered with anything less than “eight hours,” you’re still doing better than one unbelievable Baltimore mother.

    Police say 24-year-old Alicia Brown left her daughter locked inside a car for more than eight hours while she visited Maryland Live! Casino.

    Atlantic City to Bring Fake Gambling to Artscape



    Artscape is touted as “America’s largest free arts festival,” but some of that prodigious size is achieved by a pretty loose sense of the word “arts.” For example, Atlantic City, in attempt to make us forget our own slots parlors and casinos, will be bringing a mobile two-story mini-resort to Baltimore’s most loved summer shindig, showcasing the city’s well-known arts of massage, roulette, and “other entertainment.

    Okay, so it looks like as part of the miniaturized Atlantic City experience participants will have the opportunity to get their pictures taken with goofy glasses and props. Photographs are art. No question. You’ve got me there, A.C.