Marylanders Love Gambling

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For the second month in a row, Maryland’s five casinos generated record revenues in May.

The state’s casino revenue is up more than 10 percent this year so far compared to 2015, and two record-setting months in a row points to a trend that will likely continue. At the same time as Marylanders are flocking to casinos, the gambling industry in Nevada has been going in the opposite direction, suffering six subsequent years of losses. “Maryland’s casino business is on a roll,” lottery director Gordon Medenica, apparently unable to resist the pun, told the Baltimore Sun.

According to the Sun, some experts credit improving economic conditions in the region for the uptick in casino revenues. In other words: as soon as some people make more money, they immediately start looking for a way to lose it. People may have also been drawn to Maryland casinos through their variety of wacky promotional stunts, which have included giving away a Batmobile, inviting patrons to hang out with an astronaut, and the occasional random distribution of $100 bills.

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