Woman Sues Royal Farms Over Charging for Air at Gas Station

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airIt’s one of those contradictions we don’t bother to question: There’s no charge for the air you breathe, but the price goes up once it’s compressed and fed through a tire hose. Well, according to a new lawsuit, that’s not supposed to be the case in Baltimore City — legally speaking.

According to The Daily Record,  an Owings Mills woman sued Royal Farms because she was charged for the air to fill up her tires. According to Rebecca McCray (and her lawyer), Baltimore City has a law on the books that requires gas stations to provide air from one pump, free of charge. McCray’s challenge was provoked by the fact that she had to pay 50 cents at the air hose. Having already filed suit, it seems like she won’t be deterred by a lesson on the costs of inflation.

Royal Farms did not immediately respond to the suit.

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