Attorney and new mother Sarah David was never one to get down on the floor with a group of kids and start teaching games. However, that is where she found herself when she visited the Kids Safe Zone in Baltimore City with The Associated’s Young Leadership Council (YLC). That visit caused her to realize the enormous potential of young children and the difference she could make in their lives.

With the help of JVC and the Kids Safe Zone, David created a VolunTeam program that educates these youngsters about various job possibilities. Underlying this mission is the realization that many of these youngsters have little exposure to the wide range of jobs in our communities.

Initially, David’s VolunTeam consisted of fellow prosecutors, members of the Baltimore City Bar Association, her YLC classmates and her own network. Over a six month period, they met bi-weekly with the group, talked about what they do and worked together on a mock trial that showcased a real world scenario.

Through her newfound connections and growing network over the past year, David, with the help of VolunTeam lawyer, Mark Edelson, has since expanded its VolunTeams to include other professionals, such as dentists, nurses, financial workers, even Under Armour employees.  Click to read entire article.

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