A Year After Freddie Gray’s Death, National Media Covers What Hasn’t Changed, Demolition

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Along with following events in town, we’re rounding up national media coverage of the anniversaries associated with Freddie Gray and the Baltimore Uprising. With April 19 marking the anniversary of Gray’s death, here’s a look at the stories appeared today:

USA Today looks back at the events of last April, even revisiting Woodlawn Cemetery, where Gray is buried.

A pair of outlets checked in with activists, who said work remains to bring about change in Baltimore.

NPR’s Here and Now talked to J.C. Faulk, who said Marilyn Mosby has been a disappointment as State’s Attorney despite her moves to charge the officers involved in Gray’s arrest. In his role with The Guardian, City Paper’s Baynard Woods catches up with Shaun King, who talks about documenting the neighborhood with a camera given to him by a photographer.

CBS News focuses on the state and city plan to demolish homes across West Baltimore. Slumlord Watch founder Carol Ott is featured. Resident Ray Kelly says the program is “moving the problem.” The network also covered the mayoral race in the form of an interview with Deray Mckesson.




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