Years Later, Authorities Say They Have Caught 3-Year-Old McKenzie Elliott’s Killer

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A poster of McKenzie Elliott, 3, who was killed in a shooting in Waverly in August 2014. Photo via BPD spokesman T.J. Smith/Twitter.

On a Friday evening in summer 2014, as three-year-old McKenzie Elliot stood outside on her family’s porch in Waverly, gunfire erupted nearby. When it was over, Elliott had been fatally wounded by a stray round. The murder sent chills throughout Baltimore.

Authorities promised they would catch the person responsible. While their one-week timeline didn’t stick, they eventually followed through. Today, leaders of various agencies announced they had caught Elliot’s alleged killer.

The accused shooter was 28-year-old Terrell Plummer, a member of the Old York Money Gang that was allegedly selling drugs in the neighborhood. U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis and ATF Special Agent Daniel Board, Jr. announced the charges at a press conference on Wednesday morning.

According to the indictment of Plummer and six others, Elliott was a bystander victim of a neighborhood beef. The day before, Plummer and others allegedly attacked three people, stabbing one of them. The next day, members of that group returned in a car, pulling up in the 3600 block of Old York Road to confront Plummer and his crew. Gunfire ensued. Plummer is said to have shot at the car, missing the people inside, but hitting Elliott on her family’s porch.

Two others were also struck, non-fatally.

“The indictment alleges that an armed drug dealer killed McKenzie Elliott, which is no surprise because most murders in Baltimore are committed by armed drug dealers who belong in prison,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein at the press conference.

Davis recounted how the violence “rocked” Waverly and the rest of the city. “McKenzie should be in school, running around with her friends and doing everything a 6-year-old does, but instead her life was cut short by a coward with a gun,” he said.

Plummer and six others — 22-year-old Davonte Rich, 23-year-old Trevon Beasley, 23-year-old Tyrone Jamison, 25-year-old Davin Lawson, 26-year-old Calvin Watson and 26-year-old Tyron Brown — have been indicted. All are in police custody, with Brown having turned himself in today, according to an update from police spokesman T.J. Smith.

Together, the group faces charges of murder, robbery, extortion, burglary and conspiracy to traffic in narcotics, among other offenses.

The announcement caught the attention of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who was Baltimore’s mayor at the time of the tragic killing.

Rosenstein told the Sun he planned to bring a poster of Elliott shown at the press conference to Washington that day, where he was sworn in as deputy U.S. attorney general in the Trump administration this afternoon.

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  1. Many thanks to C4 Mitchell, who has kept MacKenzie Elliott’s name and memory alive these past three years, by telling her story every Wednesday on his radio show, when he highlights unsolved crimes. The senseless and heartless killing of such an innocent is emblematic of some of Baltimore’s struggles, and it was a crime that continues to touch all of us. I hope this is a positive sign of healing for our city.

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