Yep, That Was Mike Tyson in That Baltimore-Area Super Bowl Commercial

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Not every viewer was lucky enough to see the Mike Tyson ad during last weekend’s Super Bowl game.

Only viewers in a handful of East Coast states–including Maryland, naturally– got to see Tyson and his telltale face tattoos shilling for Baltimore/DC-area plumber Michael and Son:

You wouldn’t think that Tyson would make a particularly good product endorser, what with the ear biting and the raping and all that. But apparently Tyson has finally reached that celebrity level where his kitsch value outweighs his bad reputation.

“Even though we do these local ads we do it with the concept that we’re trying to get press and buzz outside of these areas,” Michael and Son president Basim Mansour told the Baltimore Sun. Tyson was enticed to participate in part because his ex-wife was a Michael and Son customer.

There was another ad with a (tenuous) Baltimore connection — this one, which stars several members of the “Sobotka Family,” who you may remember from Season 2 of the Wire:


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