You Ask, We Find: Our Holiday Shopping Helper

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We all agonize about finding that perfect gift, so we’ve asked our friends which person on their list has them stumped, and have put it to local shops to find the perfect match.

Our first challenge?

A woman who sends work my way.”

Treat her to a massage with a gift card at Respite Wellness or…


Give her a pretty bracelet by Baltimore jewelry designer Patty Minkowski, available at Bijoux. Bijoux’s collection includes Minkowski’s earrings (from $75), charm bracelets, necklaces and more.

Paua Shell and Sterling Silver Bracelet by Patty Minkowski
Always a winner: A scarf.  It’s not too personal, always useful, and at  great price, $48, from Lori K Boutique.
Challenge number two:

“My son’s incredibly nice 22-year-old girlfriend.”

Goes-with-everything hammered sterling silver bangles ($75) from Bijoux or…

Bijoux-Hammered-Silver-Bangles-by-Patty-MinkowskiTexting gloves from Echo Design at Lori K Boutique.  Or also consider…


A cute robe from Bare Necessities or, if she’s a fashionista, try…
A “Naked Bag” by Carrie Dunham at Panache.  The handle of the purse remains the same, but the bottom of the bag can change to go with anything!

And our final challenge…

“My car service coordinator  (a guy) at the car dealership.”

Whether he’s single and likes to grab a drink after work or is a family man looking to treat his family to a night out, try a gift certificate to the Mt. Washington Tavern or…


If he’s playful, a Pinup Pocket Square from Christopher Schafer Clothier.

Who has you stumped?  Let us know in the comments and we’ll come up with a suggestion for you!

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