You Can Write Ocean City’s 2012 Anthem!

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Ocean City wants an anthem for summer 2012, and they’re reaching out to the people to get it. Whomever it is that’s actually “in charge” of OC (I always assumed that place operates under mild anarchy) is holding a contest for a song that “shares [a] passion for Ocean City and summer.” You submit a track between June 11 and July 2, and they put their three favorites on their facebook page where people can then vote on the one they like best.

There’s no cash prize, but the winner does get their song recorded and produced in Ocean City – they also get a one-night accommodation at the beach and dinner for two. Oh, and bonus, you’ll be invited to play the song at Sunfest and other OC music events.

Just for the record, anyone brave enough to avoid acoustic guitar and vocals for this one can probably count on my vote. That’s right, Dustin Wong; I’m looking at you.

Click here for the official guidelines.

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