This one’s just too good not to mention:  if you have a free half-day and a healthy abundance of bravery (oh yeah, and $250), you can spend this weekend tagging sharks off the coast of Ocean City, courtesy of the National Aquarium.

Sure, it’s educational (shark tagging helps scientists who study sharks’ migration, age and growth, and behavior). But it will probably also be pretty fun. The trip is led by Captain Mark Sampson, whose website is a hoot:  “The draw of shark fishing is the mystery and excitement of waiting and wondering what size and type of shark is working its way up the chum slick. A mako? A tiger? A monster or a minnow? When you’re messing with sharks, anything’s possible!”

We hope that “anything” doesn’t include being mauled by one of those aforementioned “monsters”…Sorry, just saw JAWS on the big screen for the first time thanks to the Charles’ revival series. Don’t mind me. Gather your chum pails and slather on the sunscreen; it’s time for you to have a shark saga of your very own.

(The details:  trips run either from 7 AM-noon, or 1-6 PM on both Saturday and Sunday. If you’re a member of the aquarium, it’ll cost you $200; for the rest of us, $250. To reserve a spot, call 410-727-FISH.)