Being able to park for free, slightly closer than everyone else has long been one of the perks awarded to disabled drivers. This seems fair; it’s hard enough to get around town when all your limbs are in working order, after all. But Baltimore’s handicapped drivers are losing one of their benefits: As of today all drivers, even those with the handicapped placard, will have to pay for parking.

This is partly because thieves who aren’t worried about karma love to steal those placards so that they, too, can park for free. According to the Sun, the placards sell for up to $300 on the black market. Making even those with placards pay for parking will (hopefully) reduce theft.

It’s not all bad news for disabled drivers, though. Earlier this year, the city began a 18-month plan to reserve 10 percent of parking spaces in the city for disabled drivers. That’s the share of city residents who are eligible for disabled license places or placards, according to the Sun.

One reply on “You’re Gonna Have to Pay for Handicapped Parking in Baltimore, Starting Today”

  1. This is throwing the baby out with the bath water. The solution would have been to issue an addition permit with the license numbers imprinted on them so that would have eliminated the theft. But to force disabled people who most are below the poverty line is a disgrace. This is only a ploy to collect more revenue from people who don’t have it. NYC which has more traffic issues than Baltimore still allows the disabled to park for free. Shame on you baltimore. Hopefully one day you will become disabled and you will wish you never changed the rules.

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