Zipcar’s Baltimore Operation Is Growing

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A Zipcar in Baltimore
Hey, little Zipcar. What’s your name?

If you love “multi-modal transportation options,” rejoice. Zipcar is expanding its Baltimore operation. The company has moved into a bigger office space in Harbor East, and it’s adding five vehicles to its Baltimore fleet, bringing the number up over 200.

Given the requirement to return each car to its designated parking spot, the subscription car-rental service falls short of viability as a commuting option, which is too bad. But speaking as someone who has lived the carless lifestyle in Baltimore, being able to run a simple errand without trying to bum a ride from someone is incredibly liberating. And for multi-day trips, it sure as heck beats renting a car the old-fashioned way.

And according to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s math, it’s kept 3,000 cars off Baltimore streets. Someone tell me why Zipcar is bad in the comments, please. I don’t want to start loving a corporation.


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