13-Year-Old Boy With Replica Gun Shot by Baltimore Police

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Commissioner Kevin Davis briefs reporters/Periscope
Commissioner Kevin Davis briefs reporters/Periscope

A teen was shot by a police officer in Southeast Baltimore on the one-year anniversary of Freddie Gray’s funeral.  Police commissioner Kevin Davis said the 13-year-old boy was holding a replica gun. His injuries are non-life-threatening.

Davis said two detectives saw the teen with what appeared to be a gun near the corner of Baltimore St. and Aisquith St., and they told him to stop. The teen tried to run away on foot, and one officer fired, wounding him. Police later found the gun was a replica of a semi-automatic pistol.

The boy’s mother was taken in for questioning, Davis said. She told police he left his home with a BB gun.

Here’s the full briefing from Davis, via Periscope:


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  1. How did the bb gun turn into a replica semi-automatic pistol from the time he left home until he was shot? Good thing SBR is in her way out. We can’t pay $6.5M everytime some disadvantaged kid won’t go quietly while disobeying police commands.

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