5 Reasons It Hurts to Say Goodbye to Torrey Smith

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I’m bummed. Wide receiver Torrey Smith is leaving the Ravens and signing on with another team–most likely, the San Francisco 49ers. Sure, players come and players go, but Smith’s departure stings more than most. Here’s why:

1) After winning a Super Bowl ring with Ravens, some players would spend the off season partying, sleeping, and/or dancing with the stars. Not Smith; he spent an offseason interning for Rep. Elijah Cummings.

2) His relationship with his wife Chantal Chanel is completely adorable. Don’t believe me? Check out their pregnancy announcement. If you’re feeling bummed about the whole Ray Rice debacle, this provides a nice counterpoint.

3) He inspired Baltimore City students by delivering test day encouragement in rap form (again featuring Chanel). Awesome.

4) In 2012, Smith’s younger brother was killed in a motorcycle accident. The next day, he led the Ravens to a 31-30 victory over the Patriots, catching two touchdown passes in the process.  “I look up to him after something like that,” teammate Jacoby Jones said afterward.

5) Oh, and he’s pretty good at football, too.

True to form, Smith’s goodbye letter to the Ravens is both classy and moving. We’ll miss you, Torrey! Come back and visit!

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