5 UMBC Women’s Lacrosse Players Suspended over Threatening Texts

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Some players on University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s women’s lacrosse team were upset with how little game time they were getting. Now, after reportedly “threaten[ing] bodily harm against freshmen” in a text chat, they aren’t playing at all.

Five players vented their frustrations in a chat on GroupMe, writing things like “Can we just kill them?” and “Kill the freshman.” One woman promised that at practice she would aim “for her [teammate’s] shins and then I’ll aim for her red hair and head.” After the texts came to light, the players were suspended. UMBC is commencing “a comprehensive review of the entire women’s lacrosse program.”

The Baltimore Sun reports that four of the five players hired a media relations firm to help them deal with the fall-out from their statements. The firm released a statement of apology on their behalf, which called their “hurtful, destructive words and tone… absolutely inexcusable.” The statement apologized “to the many we negatively impacted, particularly our hard-working teammates who deserve much better.”

The players’ futures on the team have not yet been determined.

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  1. They hired a media relations firm to help handle the fall-out from this???? Why can’t anyone accept responsibility for their actions anymore? And the firm released a statement on their behalf? It’s the firm’s words, not the girls’ words. It just sounds like a load of PR bull, straight out of the stock apology, mea culpa chapter of the public relations textbook. These girls should apologize in their own words, not hide behind a media relations firm and accept the consequences of their actions.

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