75-Year-Old Md. Man Hires Private Investigator to Find Stolen Tractor

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Whoever stole Bob Fowler’s 1957 John Deere may want to consider returning it right away. The 75-year-old Mt. Airy man isn’t taking the sudden loss of his prized tractor, which he has owned since he was 18, lightly.

After reporting the tractor stolen to the police, Fowler took an ad out in the paper and hired a private investigator to get it back.

Thief, if you’re reading this, know that not only is Sam Spade on the case, but the man you stole a tractor from is a septuagenarian who:

+still works as an electrician

+was planning on leaving the John Deere to his son

+says if you return it (and reimburse him the money he spent to retrieve it), he could forgive you

So come on, give it up. The karma alone is enough to crush you.

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