8 Reasons the Ravens Will Triumph on Sunday

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The Baltimore Sun came up with 52 reasons the underdog Ravens “could” win the AFC Championship game this Sunday; we’ve done them one better and amassed 8 reasons the Bad Birds will triumph.

1) The haircut in the photo above. The football gods have to reward such dedication, right?

2) For the past 3 NFL seasons, the Eagles’ opponent in their home opener has gone on to win the Super Bowl. Their 2012 opponent: the Baltimore Ravens.

3) This video features members of the Baltimore Police Department repeatedly saying “Go Ravens” and awkwardly threatening the city of Boston. Check out the amazing Baltimore accent at 0:59. Clearly, we are the superior city.

4) Over their most recent six matchups, the Ravens have scored 125 points to the Patriots’ 120. So we’re already winning.

5) This Ravens-themed reinterpretation of “Call Me Maybe” (“Hey, everyone else/Might think we’re crazy/But we’re the Ravens/So bring on Brady”). Cute! Meanwhile, Pats supporters are widely considered to be the most annoying fans in the NFL. Advantage:  Baltimore.

6) The Ravens sleep a lot. And everyone knows that being well-rested makes you good at your job.

7) Tom Brady’s dance:

Ray Lewis’s dance:

8) And, finally, have you seen the video of this guy freaking out when we beat the Broncos last week? Just imagine how nuts he’ll go if — excuse me, when — we emerge from Sunday’s game victorious.

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