A New Social Network in Baltimore Links Young and Old

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Last spring, we told you about the Village at Home. A brilliant concept that brings social networking to real life, linking young and elderly residents in a compassionate contract of favor-sharing. Everyone wins — everyone makes new friends. Fifty-six unique Villages are in operation around the country, and 120 more are under development.

The Village Baltimore launches on November 1! Volunteers are needed now. Call 410-235-3171 or email [email protected] to get involved.

The nonprofit encourages a system of regular exchange, whereby, for example, younger people can connect with those caring, older babysitters, while the same older sitters may receive rides, perhaps errand-running, courtesy of their younger neighbors. Older people gain the support necessary to feel confident remaining in their homes. Younger people can also take advantage of volunteer services. Vendor service options include tech support, landscape service, bill paying, meal delivery, information wrangling, housecleaning, and more.

Introductory memberships are $800 for individual membership and $1200 per household membership.  The membership fees cover only about 80 percent of the cost, so donations are welcome also.
Village At Home will be available in the following local neighborhoods: Blythewood, Bellona-Gittings, Cedarcroft, Cross Keys, Evergreen, Guilford, Homeland, Keswick, Lake-Evesham, Lake Roland, Mt. Washington, North Roland Park, Oakenshawe, The Orchards, Poplar Hill, Riderwood, Roland Park, Roland Springs, Ruxton, Sabina-Mattfelt, Tuscany-Canterbury, and Wyndhurst

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