Interior designer Darrell Gardner, 28, also has a design gift for sartorial splendor. Here he pulls together a traditional look with subtle pizazz: a navy blazer paired with a blue gingham shirt (matches his eyes), cool slicked-back hair and well-fitted khakis. Darrell may have old-fashioned Southern roots (he’s from Richmond, Virginia) but his style is a cool mix of classic and modern.

Darrell Gardner, 28

Hi. Mind if we take your picture? You are as pretty as all the accessories in here!

Sure. I’m just sitting in for vacationing sales associates. I am usually out with clients.

Oh so you’re a designer? How would you describe your personal style vs. your decorating style? Are they in sync?

Most of the time I wear khakis with a blazer or tight jeans with a t-shirt. I’m from Virginia, so I dress  pretty conservatively. My decorating also has traditional lines but I like to add unexpected pieces into a room. Makes it more eclectic and interesting.

Do you throw pieces into your basic wardrobe to spice it up?

Yes.  A bright skinny tie or bow tie.   I love suspenders.  And I often wear cowboy boots!

Speaking of basic,  those are some tight khakis you have on there. Not from Brooks Brothers!

No, these are Theory. They have a tuxedo stripe down the side. Very unexpected.

Okay, I have to ask — who is your nightmare client?

Someone who can’t make up their mind!

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