The trial of George Huguely, the University of Virginia lacrosse player who is accused of murdering Baltimore’s Yeardley Love, began yesterday.  No surprise, it sounds like the two had a toxic relationship. 

“Drunken rages, romantic betrayals and teary reconciliations defined the relationship between University of Virginia students Yeardley Love and George Huguely V,” said the prosecution in its opening statement Wednesday in Charlottesville, Virginia, reports The Washington Post.

A few days before she died, he sent her an email that said in part: “I should have killed you.” Prosecutors publicly revealed that e-mail for the first time yesterday.

One rumor circling around Baltimore for years is that the sweet-faced Notre Dame Prep grad feared the athlete for months and planned to break all ties with him after graduation.  She died just weeks before graduating from the University of Virginia.

In one incident that left Love hysterical, a male lacrosse player from another university intervened at a party when he heard noises coming from a room and found Love in a “choke hold” by Huguely. Love was visibly “shaking and upset” by the episode, her roommate Caitlin Whitely testified.

Huguely’s lawyers said in their opening statement yesterday that their client never planned or wanted to hurt Love, and therefore the lesser crime of involuntary manslaughter, “should be the only verdict you carefully” weigh.

Eight witnesses testified yesterday including Love’s mother, Sharon, and her older sister, Lexie, who described the call notifying her of Yeardley’s death.  She also spoke of the trip back home to Cockeysville, with Yeardley’s car full of her possessions trailing behind.

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  1. can not even imagine what sharon and lexie are going through right now. they’re in my thoughts and prayers.

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