Abused “Pit 6” Dogs Ready for Adoption at the Baltimore Humane Society

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The abused “Pit 6” are trained and ready for adoption.

Michelle - Female, Age 4 years, 5 months

Thanks to people like a corporate executive turned dog trainer Christine Lando, four of the “Pit 6” dogs who were part of a widely publicized animal abuse case in Baltimore County, are now available for adoption or foster care.

Shelley - Female, Age 6 years

The “Pit 6” is a group of highly abused American Staffordshire Terriers that were held as “evidence” for two years in a court case involving seven counts of animal cruelty, possession of automatic weapons, and drug paraphernalia.  Circumstances all pointed toward a dog fighting ring in Baltimore.  They are believed to have been used as bait dogs, practice targets for dogs training to fight.  In a landmark decision, these dogs were allowed by lawmakers to be released in October for the ultimate goal of permanent adoption or foster care.  Dogs like these are typically euthanized in similar situations.

Bridget - Female, Age 5 years

Successful rehabilitation of abused dogs like the “Pit 6” is only as strong as the team working with them.  The team at Baltimore Humane Society includes trainers, staff caretakers, veterinarians, and behaviorists.

MeMe - Female, Age 8 years

The lead trainers include Lando, a former corporate executive, pursuing her dream of becoming a professional animal trainer.  She has devotedly worked with the dogs entirely on a volunteer basis providing them an obedience education and manners training under the supervision of BHS Board Member, Marty Sitnick.  The dogs, Bridgett, Maris, Tippy and Shelly receive daily enrichment, housebreaking exercises, and medical treatment from Baltimore Humane Society staff and the organization’s Medical Director, Dr. Mary Zink.  The remaining two Pits , Michelle and MeMe, are doing fine as well. MeMe is receiving an obedience education and should be ready for adoption in a couple of months; Michelle is in the care of well known rescue, Adopt A Homeless Animal, and is also ready for foster or adoption.

Maris - Female, Age 8 years

Any “Pit 6” adopters will receive free training and behavior consultation from renowned Behaviorist Deb Winkler for the life of their adopted dog.  Anyone who fosters one of the “Pit 6” will receive continuing veterinary care and behavior training support.

Tippy - Male, Age 4 years



The Baltimore Humane Society, founded in 1927 by Mrs. Elsie Seeger Barton, is an independent, non-profit, no-kill animal shelter, which offers low-cost veterinary care to the public, and a pet cemetery with grief support services.  We receive no funding from the local or federal governments, or any national animal welfare organizations.  The Baltimore Humane Society is a proud member of BAWA (Baltimore Animal Welfare Alliance) along with the MD SPCA, BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter), and Baltimore City Animal Control.

For more information about BHS, and how you can contribute, volunteer, adopt, or foster, please visit www.bmorehumane.org or call 410-833-8848.

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