Adam Jones, DJ Flow help fund ‘Black Panther’ screening for Aaron Maybin’s students

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Courtesy Marvel Studios, via IMDB

Former NFL player and current artist, activist and educator Aaron Maybin last week asked for help getting every kid in his school, Matthew A. Henson Elementary, to see the movie “Black Panther,” the comic book film dominating the box office and being celebrated for its Afrofuturist worldview.

As The Sun noted last week, Maybin’s is one of several campaigns to get Baltimore students inside a movie theater to enjoy the experience.

This morning, Maybin announced on Twitter that his students were seeing the film tomorrow with the help of Orioles center fielder Adam Jones and 92Q’s DJ Flow. And he posted a video of an auditorium of kids saying “Thank you, Adam Jones,” which is about the cutest thing ever.

Maybin also shared a video Jones recorded for the students, hoping they gained something from seeing the movie and “continue to strive for excellence.”

Jones also praised their teacher.

“Young kids, you understand you have a great leader in Aaron Maybin, an individual that really cares about you, cares about your futures,” he said.

Earlier this year, Maybin helped raise national awareness about the lack of heat in city schools and helped raise money to bring heaters into classrooms.

Brandon Weigel

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