Adam Jones Won’t Be Pieing Anyone at Camden Yards This Season

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First it was Natty Boh cans. Now Adam Jones’ postgame pie gags are under threat at Camden Yards.

Jones’ baseball application of the age-old slapstick tradition of a pie in the face is one of those charming Camden Yards traditions. It’s made even better by the fact that the baked goods destined for the faces of the game’s heroes are delivered by Dangerously Delicious Pies.

But the pies themselves were deemed dangerous to players, as well as calorie counts. After a decision by Orioles management, everyone will have a clear face during postgame interviews this year. Ever the stand-up guy, the center fielder delivered the official word himself on Twitter.

This being a matter of cultural significance, a petition was quickly filed, urging the O’s front office to rediscover the value of pie. But absence can be the source of creativity. With the Orioles having just reported for spring training, this may just be the beginning of a new prank.


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  1. This society is so full of whimps, it’s unbelievable. What’s next, baseball players can’t wear spikes for fear of cutting some ones throat when they slide at 2nd, 3rd base or home plate. Maybe they can play in slippers.

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