America-Themed College Party Divides Loyola University Maryland

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loyolaA few years ago, a reference to ‘Party in the USA’ brought to mind the  by Miley Cyrus. But with the divisive election, the phrase had administrators at Loyola University Maryland worried.

The “Party in the USA” theme was set for a celebration of the North Baltimore college’s senior class last week. But organizers of the America-themed party from the Student Government Association were urged by administrators to reconsider after they got word of potentially offensive costumes.

The incident was picked up by The Daily Caller earlier this week, who quoted emails from administrator that said the party was “very alienating, divisive and harmful.” The student leaders were also encouraged by students to nix the theme if Donald Trump won the presidential election, given the rhetoric that he promoted. But they ended up sticking with it, and the party went on without incident. As the Washington Post reported:

Some students wore red, white and blue. Some wore Donald Trump gear, some wore Hillary Clinton gear. And, Burke said, “Everybody had a good time.”

But students are still unhappy that the administration attempted to intervene. The Post reported the some donors even threatened to withhold contributions. Loyola’s College Republicans chapter wrote that, “the administration rejected an opportunity for us as a school, as a community and as a nation to come together, and immediately assumed the worst of its students.”

The “negative” incident that administration feared may not have happened, but they still made the news.

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