Walking into Ellie, the first overwhelming sensation one has is, wow—this is fun. The second is whoa—where do I start? The Ruxton boutique offers such a great variety of clothing, accessories, and gifts that unless you came in looking for something specific, you’re likely to find yourself heading for the dressing room with a pile of clothing so high that you can’t see over it.

Ellie was founded fifteen years ago as a shop in Main Line, PA. Since then, the family-run business has opened two more stores—one in Delaware and one (hurray!) in Ruxton. And how family-run is it really? Well, when Steve and Margaret Smith first opened the business, they named it after their daughter, Ellie. At the time, Ellie was probably too young to appreciate that she was being brought up in a fashionista household; now, as a 19-year old, she’s learning all the ropes of the family business, preparing to take the reins when mom and dad are ready to hand it over.

What Ellie has likely learned (or absorbed, or maybe just genetically inherited) from her folks is how to select clothing and accessories that are fresh and interesting, while appealing to those with a classic sensibility. What the Smiths have also done so well is to create an atmosphere with each shop that feels comfortable in the way that really excellent clothing stores do; like you’re in confident, capable hands as soon as you walk in the door. Each sales associate is a capable stylist. They aren’t just there to open the dressing rooms for you. They’ve got great taste, and an eye for fashion. They can help you assemble a whole look, choose an outfit for a specific occasion, or select a gift.  And believe us– they are more than happy to do so.

The great variety that Ellie has to offer makes it an ideal spot for holiday shopping. They’ve smartly assembled some fabulous suggestions for gift packages– very inspiring for those looking for ideas.

Much of the jewelry that Ellie carries is casual enough for everyday, and playful enough to add flair to winter’s usually less-than-colorful palette.

You can also keep your eye toward warmer days with their selection of sandals, light scarves, and super-bright thongs (seriously, those last are really cool– and they’ve got them in every color).

Ellie also stocks smaller gifts and accessories that make awesome stocking stuffers, or simple additions.

You can count on Ellie for brightly-colored clothing in high quality (and super cozy) fabrics. If you’re looking to meet your winter quota of cashmere or silk, you really need look no further.

One of the most unique items is this style of reversible jeans. That’s right, they are actually reversible. One side is a traditional blue denim, while the other side is much darker (almost black).

Ellie specializes in denim and carries lots of popular lines like Blank, Bluelab, Citizens of Humanity, Current Elliott, James Jeans, Paige and more.

Ellie also stocks famously fashionable-yet-practical shoes and accessories from designers such as Carrie Dunham and Foley + Corinna. Perfect for Baltimore’s often precipitous winters.

Keggy’s duet belts are a perfect accessory for jeans, or for cinching and highlighting sweater dresses.

Ellie has so much to offer for fall and winter. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated look or something that says, I’m here for the party, you can absolutely find you’re looking for here– especially with the enthusiastic help of the store’s stylists.

Ellie is located at 7701 Bellona Avenue in Ruxton. For more information, visit the Ellie website.

Ellie begins its “12 Days of Christmas” promotion today, with 20 percent off a different item in the store each day for twelve days. Be sure to visit Ellie and the other shops at Ruxton Road and Bellona Avenue at tonight’s Open House from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Ten percent of all sales tonight will benefit The Family Tree.