Photo via TheKevCon/Reddit.

When Kevin Connors returned to his home in Annapolis after a weekend away, he was in for a surprise.

His cousins, who live on the same street, had painted his once-purple door to look like a giant tin of Old Bay seasoning. 

Connors, an Old Bay enthusiast, posted a photo of the door on Reddit, where it immediately went viral. But reactions to the paint job were mixed.

“Cool idea, sloppy execution,” said one Reddit user. “So close! So almost almost great,” said another.

Despite the “sloppy execution,” Connors loved it. 

“I just immediately burst out laughing. It was an audible laugh, no doubt. I mean, I was in the car by myself, tired from the bachelor party. I parked, got out, and then I just stood in front of it for like, two minutes,” Connors said in an interview with Washingtonian. 

When asked if he’s committed to living with the Old Bay door, Connors said, “Yeah, definitely for now. I plan on living here for a little while, and I’ll just be that eccentric household on the block, which is fun.”