Anne Arundel County Reneges on $229K in Employee Pensions

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Let’s say you were retired from the Anne Arundel state’s attorney’s office, and then were offered the opportunity to go back working for the state’s attorney part-time while continuing to collect 100 percent of your pension. And let’s say five years later the county realizes it made a mistake, has been in fact overpaying you, and sends you a bill for $115,672.50.

Well, then you would be in the same position as retired-but-part-time prosecutor Fred Paone. Paone, as well as three other workers at the state’s attorney’s office, is being billed for what Senior Assistant County Attorney Julie Sweeney has called a “good-faith mistake” — being paid his full pension while continuing to work for the county.

But the Anne Arundel Four (that’s my coinage — let’s see if it sticks!) are not taking this lying down. I don’t know much, but I bet working in the state’s attorney’s office, you meet some lawyers. I also bet that lawyers who lawyers hire are usually pretty good. So maybe they’ve got a shot at not having to pay for the county’s mistake. We’ll see.

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