Another Distinctively Dressed Md. Bank Robber

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Bowie Bank Robber

In February I wondered aloud whether every Maryland bank robber was going to wear memorable attire from now on. A man had just robbed a PNC bank in Baltimore wearing a bright red baseball cap that read “HATERS GONNA HATE.” Underneath the hat a plaid scarf hung about the sides of his head. It was only a couple months after a woman in Landover robbed a Capital One wearing all pink, down to her cell phone!

It seems I can stop wondering. On Friday, A person stopped into a TD Bank in Bowie, “suggested to a teller that he had a weapon,” and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash, all while dressed in women’s clothes (a skirt, a scarf, and a purse).

Prince George’s police say their detectives “believe the suspect is an African American man, dressed as a woman.” But based on the information they’ve made available to the public, it’s impossible to know whether this person identifies as a man and dressed as a woman as part of a disguise, identifies as a man and is a cross-dresser, identifies as a woman, or identifies as neither, or identifies as both.


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