Anthony Brown is Running for Office Again

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Anthony Brown didn’t get the top job in Annapolis. On to the next campaign…

On Thursday, the former lieutenant governor became the latest Maryland Democrat to jump in a 2016 race as a result of Barbara Mikulski’s surprise retirement. Brown will run for the Congressional seat being vacated by Donna Edwards, who announced this week that she’s aiming to end up in Senator Barb’s current chair when the music stops.

Brown made the announcement in a long message sent to supporters and posted to Facebook. He gave nods to his dedication to public service and all the supporters who asked him to run, but didn’t address why people should vote for a candidate who just suffered a brutal upset to a businessman who never held elected office in a mostly-blue state.

Brown will be vying to represent a district that includes Prince George’s and Anne Arundel Counties. Sounds like a simple enough area, right? Well, let’s go to the map:


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  1. This map shows the pathetic nature of MD’s redistricting to ensure a democratic candidate wins. Voters may not realize but 35% of MD voters are registered Republicans, but with the gerrymandered districts drawn up by the Mike and Mike, they have all but ensured a democrat wins. That’s why at a state level, a Republican has a better chance. So if you are a Republican, effectively you don’t have a vote in congressional elections and our Democratic led legislature finds nothing wrong with denying 35% of the populace their voice.

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