The mayor will not pursue an economic impact study of this year’s Grand Prix. And the race organizers have said they will probably never release an official count of spectators.

The mayor’s spokesman, Ryan O’Doherty, spins the city’s decision not to examine the race’s bottom line by pointing to the “undisputed fact” that “the event has a significant positive economic impact.” Or is it that we just don’t want to know?

We knew that by the time Race On took over organization of the event that everything was going to be a bit smaller this year. They only had three months to put the whole thing together, after all. But is the mayor concerned about all the Grand Prix naysayers who would pounce on a less-than-stellar economic impact study?

Well, in a couple months we should at least learn how much tax revenue the race generated. Maybe we could apply a little math to that to determine the other figures?

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  1. Naysayers would pounce no matter what figures were released. Too many people just want to hate it as hating things is a Baltimore pasttime.

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