Under Armour Now Has High-Tech Pajamas Made Just for Athletes

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What Tom Brady looks like asleep, Courtesy Under Armour

The athletic-wear wizards at Under Armour in Locust Point are really doubling down on wearable technology lately. The most recent news from the company arrived today with the announcement of its muscle recovery-aiding sleepwear made just for athletes.

Anyone who exercises or plays sports knows that rest is half the battle to getting stronger and healthier. For Tom Brady, the well-loathed, but consistently impressive New England Patriots quarterback, sleep isn’t just about lying down and going to bed. It’s also about wear high-tech clothes that use infrared energy to help him sleep and heal his muscles. Today in Las Vegas, Under Armour unveiled its commercial version of his pajamas, the wordily titled “UA Athlete Recovery Sleepwear Powered by TB12″ line.

Here’s how the company says it works: The pajamas are made with a bioceramic lining that Brady has been using for years and wholeheartedly vouches for. The lining is said to have special particles that “absorb infrared wavelengths emitted by the body and reflect back Far Infrared, helping the body recover faster while promoting better sleep.”

The garments are available in short- and long-sleeve versions and cost $80-100 apiece. They’re available for purchase on Under Armour’s website.

The company also has a new component for its health-tracking app UA Record called the Sleep Recovery System. The feature will let users track their zzz’s on any device with the app, analyze sleep patterns based on wake and bed times and provide guidance on how to sleep better.

If you’re not buying the hype over the products, you should know the company has also enlisted help from Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers to “study the effectiveness of sustained patterns in improving overall sleep behaviors.” That research will use data collected by the Under Armour Connected Fitness platform.

Who knows what’s next from the ever-innovative brand? Perhaps bedding, or maybe even a mattress? If the latter, the company may have a conflict of interest with another brand that signed its star hometown Olympian to his own sleep-related endorsement deal late last year.

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