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Kevin Plank: ‘Wall Street Can Count on Us,’ President Trump ‘A Real Asset’ for U.S.

Still from video via CNBC

In a one-on-one interview on CNBC yesterday, Under Armour CEO divulged that he really does like Donald Trump and remained confident that his company will overcome its recent struggles in the year ahead.

Under Armour’s Post-Super Bowl Ad Offers Myths Building on Tom Brady’s Success

A boy in the ad who claims Tom Brady makes Boston younger, Courtesy Under Armour/YouTube

If you were upset with the outcome of Super Bowl LI, you may not enjoy Under Armour’s new ad about the villain hero of the game.

Under Armour Now Has High-Tech Pajamas Made Just for Athletes

What Tom Brady looks like asleep, Courtesy Under Armour

The athletic-wear wizards at Under Armour in Locust Point are really doubling down on wearable technology lately. The most recent news from the company arrived today with the announcement of its muscle recovery-aiding sleepwear made just for athletes.

Donald Trump Praises Tom Brady, Alienates Maryland



The most recent polls show Donald Trump with a sizable lead as we close in on the Maryland presidential primary on April 26. But the guy’s recent comments almost sound like he’s trying to throw the race.