This is Just Cruel: MLB Auctions Zach Britton’s ‘Game-Used’ Wild Card Jersey

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screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-5-03-57-pmOrioles fans had one last chance to own a piece of the 2016 season last week when Zach Britton’s jersey went on the hanger at MLB Auctions. The sports merchandising machine apparently calculated that the chance to get a “game-used” jersey from the O’s appearance in the Wild Card game would be appealing to fans. Trouble is, Britton did not appear in the game and it still stings.

The Orioles closer, who was perfect in converting save chances during the regular season, was infamously not called to the mound during the team’s extra inning loss to the Blue Jays. Instead, well, let’s just say the O’s lost and Manager Buck Showalter caught some heat for his decision not to dial Britton.

Then some auction comes along to remind everyone that the jersey was only game-used in the sense that Britton put it on at the beginning of the game and took it off later. And, for those keeping score at home, he wore it to warm up in the bullpen three times in between.

It’s reasonable to think the jersey may have some sort of historic meaning, but the auction before the end of the playoffs is way too soon. Why not concentrate off something that was actually involved in an in-game throw, like the beer can toss from right field that could be forgiven only after a Toronto fan purchased a full-page ad?

Britton broke the usual baseball stoicism to laugh off the auction on Twitter. Sometimes you have to LOL to hold back the sad face.

In the end, the jersey did its job of making money. The winning bid, which came in Sunday, is listed at $2,650.


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