Adi Elbaz


“Writers in Baltimore” Brings Creative Writing Into the Classroom


Patrice Hutton is shy about accepting compliments.

“We just had such great teachers,” she says, when congratulated on the resounding success of the first annual Writers in Baltimore Schools’ Young Writers Studio in Frederick, Maryland.

Hutton, along with four counselors, all of whom were former teachers and writers, spent a week in the woods coaching fourteen Baltimore teenagers as they read, wrote, revised, and polished their own creative epics. (At least three are sprawling sci-fi fantasies that could easily be separated into trilogies.)

“And such great kids,” she continues, downplaying her role in taking the kids from typical teens to aspiring authors.

Yet as the founder of Writers in Baltimore Schools, a local nonprofit that gives quality creative writing instruction to students in low-income schools, Hutton, 26, has been the driving force behind turning adolescents on to writing.