Austrie Martinez


Baltimore Writer’s Club #7: Rethinking Possible: A Memoir of Resilience, by Rebecca Faye Smith Galli


As the oldest of three kids, born to a preacher and stay-at-home mom, Becky Galli was raised with every aspect of her life planned. Sit-down breakfasts, six o’clock Southern dinners at the table, Friday was date night, Saturday was reserved for the family, Sunday was church, and every summer was a two-week trip to Myrtle Beach. While packing for their summer vacation, Becky and her siblings would cheer, “What’s planned is possible!”

Chow Runner: When a Girl Joins Up


private-benjamin-originalUniversity of Baltimore MFA student Austrie Martinez walks us through her first week in Air Force boot camp–so wear your comfort shoes.

Fifty-some girls, now called trainees, were sitting in various positions around the room with stacks of paperwork balanced on their laps. Everyone was wearing different clothes, had different hairstyles, came from different backgrounds, and they were all strangers to each other. This was their first night together in a new place with one common goal in mind: to survive the next six weeks and graduate from Air Force boot camp to become airmen.

Meeting Adam Jones: A Magically Real Memoir



University of Baltimore MFA student and super mom Austrie Martinez tells the magical story of how she and her family met and befriended Adam Jones–it reads like the stuff of legend, and it’s 100 percent true.

My wife, Denise, was strapping on her duty belt for work as I watched the Orioles postgame interviews. She worked night security at a psych hospital and often missed the end of the game. As she tuned in via radio, we’d text each other throughout the nine innings.