Joseph Magar

Joe Magar is a professional musician and current graduate student at the University of Baltimore. Originally from the Metro Detroit area, he has lived in Baltimore since 2011.

Five ways to safely experience live music in Baltimore this fall

Keystone Korner will stream Rufus Roundtree and Da B’more Brass Factory on October 15.

Usually, this time of year, music lovers look back over a summer of great outdoor concerts and music festivals, while eagerly pouring over the fall schedules for their favorite concert series. COVID-19 has put a damper on live performing leaving both audience and artist starved for performances. There are still some places where you can hear great local music, albeit mostly online, while also supporting local artists.

For all of you getting a little stir crazy looking for something different to do, or want to keep your entertainment dollars going to local artists and venues, here are a few ways you can get your local music fix.