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Mary Romeo is the owner of Bee More Social. She has created marketing strategies Baltimore businesses for over 30 years. Contact her at [email protected]

For Retailers, Restaurants, Cafes, Food Makers, Artisans, Event Planners & Entrepreneurs – It’s 4th Quarter, Are You Ready for Your Holiday Marketing?


Your digital marketing is your connection to your customer and if you’re doing it right, it works for you.  But, with the constant changing of algorithms, social platforms and digital advertising norms, it’s hard to keep up with what’s working and what’s not.  And as you know, what worked last year, isn’t working this year.  Join us to hone your skills and strategy and boost your superpowers. Build your Social Media and Digital Marketing SUPERPOWERS.  (Cape not included!)

Social Media & Digital Marketing

For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Take the Overwhelm Out of the Everyday of Your Social Media



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We all know that Social Media organic reach is waaaaay down. That’s no reason to blow it off though or just go through the motions. Social Media is still a very important tool but if you have a strategy and a little more know-how, it takes the overwhelm out of the every day.

5 Take-Aways from the Social Media Marketing World


Last week, I joined over 4,000 social media professionals (or geeks as you might call us) in San Diego for the 7th Annual Social Media Marketing World Conference to talk about the future, the trends, and the strategies of social media for businesses. The timing was perfect since Facebook has just announced its latest algorithm change, otherwise known as the Facebook Apocalypse.