For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Take the Overwhelm Out of the Everyday of Your Social Media

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We all know that Social Media organic reach is waaaaay down. That’s no reason to blow it off though or just go through the motions. Social Media is still a very important tool but if you have a strategy and a little more know-how, it takes the overwhelm out of the every day.

Two half-day live workshops to learn just that!!

September 12, NAVIGATE YOUR DIGITAL MAZE¬†— Take your entire digital world–from your website, social media platforms, email and digital advertising—-and let’s take a really close look at what to do to make sure it’s all working for you, not against you. Getting you leads, selling your products or services, filling the seats in your restaurant or event, getting your brand known. Easy to understand, actionable lessons plus the tips, tricks, hacks and tools that the pros use (and who doesn’t love a good hack)/

September 19, A DEEP DIVE INTO FACEBOOK ADVERTISING¬†–This is the advanced version for those business marketers who really want to understand the strategies and tactics to creating Facebook campaigns that deliver your message to your ideal target audience and create the results that you want from your advertising dollars. Facebook is still the most powerful, cost efficient, highly effective means of digital marketing—if you do it right. Come learn

So build your Social Media and Digital Marketing SUPERPOWERS at these two workshops. (Cape not included!)

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