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Baltimore Baker Jason Hisley Wins ‘Cake Wars’

Jason puts the finishing touching on his winning Willy Wonka cake.
Jason puts the finishing touches on his winning Willy Wonka cake. Photo courtesy Food Network.

Local pastry chef Jason Hisley has another accolade to add to his resume: winner of The Food Network’s  March 14 episode of ‘Cake Wars.’  Hisley, owner and executive chef of La Cakerie in Towson, is no stranger to competition.  Along with his recent Cake Wars appearance, he has competed on Cupcake Wars, Cutthroat Kitchens, and Sweet Genius.  While he enjoys the challenge and competition of the cooking shows, his Alleghany Avenue bakery and lunch spot make him most proud.

Teen Lingerie Entrepreneur Delivers Message of Empowerment to Local Girls

Megan and Mary Margaret Grassell
Yellowberry Founder Megan Grassell and her sister Mary Margaret Grassell

Imagine you are eleven years old and your mom is taking you to the mall to purchase your first bra.  As you enter the lingerie section, you are confronted with rack after rack of lacy and racy undergarments befitting the runway of a Victoria Secret Fashion Show. 

It is exactly the scenario that inspired Megan Grassell, the CEO and Founder of Yellowberry who speaks today to inspire local girls, to create a bra that “fits your body, not the one you are supposed to have.”

‘Black Hawk Down’ Ranger’s Wife Tori Eversmann Debuts Novel of Resilience, Friendship and Self-Discovery


Tory Eversmann_3 high res

In many ways, Tori Eversmann’s debut novel, The Immortals, reflects her own life.  As the wife of retired First Sargent Matt Eversmann, whose story was told in the book and movie Black Hawk Down, Tori lived the unsettling and often lonely life of an army wife.  Her husband, young daughter and she were uprooted from Tori’s childhood home in Baltimore to live on an army base in upstate New York.  There, she discovered a world so foreign to her own, dictated by the unwritten rules of the military and shadowed by the post 9/11 threat of war.  It was also there, however, among a group of unfamiliar women and customs, that Tori learned so much about resilience, friendship, and most importantly, herself.

Tori Eversmann's book

Her story parallels the story of Calli Coleman, the protagonist in The Immortals.  Tori emphasizes, however, that The Immortals is a work of fiction.  By deviating from her own story, she was able to tell so much more.

Irvine Nature Center Buys 93 Acres with Grant From Bauer Foundation


Irvine Nature Center Map

Baltimore native and restaurant owner Ted Bauer has awarded from his family’s trust, The Charles T. Bauer Charitable Foundation, a $1 million grant to Irvine Nature Center to purchase 93 acres adjacent to its property on Garrison Forest Road.  With the land grant, Irvine will be able to offer 210 acres of open space for additional educational programs and trails. The grant honors Bauer’s father’s commitment to education and the environment.

Art of Giving Fashion Show to Benefit BSA, Kennedy Krieger, October 8



Fashion, art and philanthropy unite on October 8 at the Art of Giving Fashion Show at the Renaissance Gallery in Cross Keys.  Hosted by Renaissance and Ruth Shaw, the event benefits the Baltimore School for the Arts and Kennedy Krieger Institute.  It will  also showcase former Kennedy Krieger patients and members of the BSA’s Twigs, a free after-school arts program for city children.

New Charter School for Boys Offers Hope and Opportunity to Baltimore Youth



As Baltimore looks to rebuild, a new charter school is working to offer a beacon of hope to the city and its youth. On Monday, August 31, Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys, opened its doors to 175 new elementary and middle school boys.  Its inaugural day was the culmination of four years of planning, fundraising, and marketing by dedicated volunteers and educators driven by the mission to provide a strong college preparatory education for boys.

Camp Lessons



Writer Muffy Fenwick discovers summer camp is a learning experience for moms, too.

My little boy suffers from “frequent and debilitating” migraine headaches.  These are the words I choose for the countless forms I complete for his school, his sports teams, his camps.  They started when he was barely two years old.  We were at a family dinner and I watched as his chubby, freckled face drained of color and his usually twinkling blue eyes became vacant.  I carried his listless body to the car and tried to coax him as he stared blankly out the window, barely responsive to the passing trees and darting cars.  I slept on his floor that night, scared by his unresponsiveness.  At some point in the night, he became restless and whiny, finally vomiting all over his crumpled airplane sheets.  He then plunged into a deep, immovable sleep.

The Scout is Out: New Print Publication ‘The Scout Guide’ Launches June 3



Baltimore will welcome next week a new regional lifestyle print publication, The Scout Guide – Baltimore, Annapolis & The Eastern Shore.  Oriet Milmoe, a local art promoter with experience in the magazine industry, will serve as its editor.

BSA Combines Music, Dance, Art and Technology for a Collaborative Art Production Like No Other



A scene from Imagined Worlds. Photos by Illume Communications.

As any educator will tell you, one of the greatest challenges today is preparing youth for an ever-changing world. With its upcoming performance, Imagined Worlds, Baltimore School for the Arts Director Chris Ford strives to do just that. His method? A large-scale, production that integrates all departments of the Baltimore arts high school and uses artists from all over the world. On April 17 and 18, in collaboration with BSA alum Kate Fisher and Brazilian-born composer Marcos Balter, Ford will showcase a collaborative dance, music, art and technological piece unlike any other.

New Mom Website ‘Oh Mama’ Offers Online Community to Local Moms


Oh Mama screen shot

Most days, Allie Rose and Jamie Burton, co-founders of mom website Oh Mama, have to pinch themselves as a reminder their new endeavor is actually work.  The passion they have for their new venture and the fun they have doing it makes it that much more rewarding.

It is hard to believe a mother of two toddlers and a newborn could have the energy, much less the enthusiasm, to feel this way, but as her partner gushes, “Jamie is a turbo person.” (Allie’s pretty high-charged, too – she is scheduled to deliver her second child on Monday.) Thanks to Jamie’s entrepreneurial spirit and Allie’s vision, the Baltimore moms were able to bring their idea for “a mom’s guide to the best of everything” to fruition and launch Oh Mama in 18 cities nationwide.