Seth Okin


New Report Shows Black Drivers in Maryland are Stopped and Searched at Higher Rates


Attorney Seth Okin has been practicing in Maryland for years, representing clients on a wide array of offenses in 22 out of the state’s 24 counties.

With talks of race and identity politics dominating the media landscape, it is not surprising to find that racial tensions in the United States are growing more pronounced.

Police Undercover at Merriweather Post



Phish (photo: Merriweather Post Pavilion)
Phish (photo: Merriweather Post Pavilion)

Seth Okin is a criminal defense attorney with Price Benowitz LLP. He handles traffic, felony, and DUI cases from his Baltimore-area office. He practices across the state, including Howard County.

Apparently, not everyone who attends concerts at Merriweather Post Pavilion comes to hear the music. Numerous arrests made during concerts last spring and summer highlight the presence of both uniformed and undercover Howard County police officers at the popular Columbia concert venue, which means that the guy rocking out to the music in the next row may be the band’s biggest fan or could be a plainclothes police officer looking for suspicious behavior.

Officers’ Right to Privacy When Being Recorded in Public



In March of 2010, Anthony Graber was charged with felony violation of the Maryland wiretapping law. Mr. Garber was confronted by a plain-clothes police officer, Joseph David Ulher, for speeding and recklessly driving his motorcycle. Mr. Garber had a video recording device on his helmet, recording his drive. When Mr. Garber was confronted by Officer Ulher, he neglected to tell him that the device on his helmet was recording the interaction.